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The Oman Alila Jabal Akhdar, a luxurious mountain escape between heaven and earth

When I first spotted the Alila Jabal Akhdar Resort, its dramatic setting took my breath away: the resorts clings dramatically on the edge of ravine in the Omani Al Hajar Mountains, at an altitude of over 2,000 meters. And just as spectacular as its location is the philosophy behind the resort:trying to be the perfect symbiosis between luxury, ecology and sustainability.

The last couple of years luxury resorts are blooming all over Oman, and no wonder: Oman is becoming a hot destination for travelers seeking both luxury and authenticity. And Oman has it all: the sultanate is wealthy, progressive ànd traditional, political stable and very safe, and best of all: its nature is extremely divers with great contrasts. The silence of the desert, the hustle and bustle of capital Muscat, the elegant and tropical paradise Salalah, the mighty mountains and canyons, its rich culture and history… Throw in a couple of luxury stays and there you have it: Oman as an adventurous & luxury top travel destination.

And the Alila Jabal Akhdar is a perfect match for Oman: this five-star resort is a haven for travelers looking for a unique stay, in a special environment.

Into the Stone Mountains

The Al Hajar Mountains range (or Stone Mountains) is the highest in eastern Arabia. The area had only been accessible for tourists since 2004 and you’ll need a 4X4 to discover this spectacular wall of mountains. The seclusion of the mountain range leads to an area untouched and pure, where beautiful canyons and high peaks blend in perfectly with green farmland and idyllic mountain villages.

oman mountains

. Jebel Akhdar (or Green Mountain) is part of the Al Hajar Mountains, a stunning countryside filled with not only stone but also traditional mountain villages, fruit orchards, and terraced gardens. And amid all this beauty you’ll  find the Alila Resort, although  you have to look twice to see if the hotel is actually there: for its construction stones from the mountains were used and combined with its unique architecture the buildings completely merge with the environment, as if they were one. A real tour de force of the architects!

Oman alila resort

The greatest luxury

Dutchman Jork Vosselaar is the General Manager of the Alila resort. He was present from the very beginning, even before the first stone was laid: “The architects and designers were inspired by plenty of things that are so typical for Oman: the high doors suitable for horsemen are almost copies from similar doors in the Omani forts, in the hotel rooms you’ll find pottery from Salalah and copper from Nizwa, traditional bridal chests and camels baskets, the rugs and curtains were woven by local families, the Damask rose (the rose that grows near the summit of the Jebel Al Akkdar, used to produce Omani rose-water) is used in many artworks…”

The typical Omani character and local identity is also present in the hotel’s kitchen. “We always serve traditional dishes – with a modern twist – and the cook only works with local products. Our olive oil for instance we buy from a local farmer in the village. In fact, we had to persuade the farmer to sell us the oil as he just wanted to give it to us as a present, that’s how friendly and welcoming the people here are”, Jork says.

“And all of this – working with local products, sleeping in an environment that is all about the history and character of Oman –  it’s the epitome of luxury for us. Not drinking a glass of French champagne or eating caviar which you have to fly over thousands of kilometers, but to immerse yourself in a different culture, to experience unique things and collect memories you will never forget, that’s priceless.

Ode to Nature

The Alili Jabal Akhdar Resort is built on the edge of a precious nature reserve and everything is done to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible.  Energy saving procedures have been given the highness attention, and wastewater is filtered by the hotel itself. In fact, this water is made available to local farmers who grow vegetables and herbs; these fresh products are eventually used in the hotel kitchen. So how’s that for a perfect symbiosis!

Alila proves that respect for nature, environment and culture doesn’t mean giving up on luxury, on the contrary:  the spacious villas with private pool, the spa, the  infinity pool with stunning views over the canyon… it’s a little peace of heaven!

Okay, I know, it’s pictures you want. Here they come:

Omani hospitality: wherever you go, a welcoming cup of tea awaits you. There’s room to relax in the lounge and library.

Alila Jabal Akhdar has a fitness room, beautiful indoor swimming pool, a spa with jacuzzi, steam room and seven treatment rooms. Think: Asian healing techniques, massage, meditation, beauty treatments and natural (handmade) beauty products.

.The villa’s are amazing: spacious, decorated with Omani arts and crafts and always very luxurious.

Alila Jabal Akhdar Oman


Your own private swimming pool comes with a stunning view.

.The amazing terrace and infinitive pool. At 2.000 meters high, above the mountains and sometimes even above the clouds, this is a magical place to swim, relax or have a meal.

alila oman

We traveled with Oman Air from Paris to Muscat; the flight takes about 7 hours.  More information about the hotel: All information about Oman:

  1. Eating Clouds in Italy says:

    Stunning!!! I’ve been a few times to Oman and I loved the place….your post has just reminded me how much I still love it and that I need to go back soon! Grazie! F

  2. Jennifer Melroy says:

    Oh this looks so amazing. I have wanted to visit Oman since I meet some guys from Oman and they showed me this place. I really need to visit Oman.

  3. Vicky and Buddy says:

    I think it’s so great that the area has only been accessible to tourists since 2004. It has probably left the landscape in a lot better condition. It looks beautiful. And that pool!

  4. From the outside, you would never believe that such luxury exists inside. It blends into the scenery so well. I’d like to visit Oman one day and this would be a great place if I decided to splash out and spend more for a night

  5. Wow! The Al Hajar Mountains are so gorgeous! I would love to visit sometime–look like such a great area. Plus, that private pool and bathtub look pretty amazing too!

  6. Elaine J. Masters says:

    What a beautiful setting. The architecture is stunning and it certainly looks luxurious. I hope that more travelers take the time to visit and explore Oman.

  7. Meg Jerrard says:

    Ah, WOW, I want to go! I’ve been thinking about Oman for a while now actually, though this just convinced me it’s time. Looks at that pool! Has to be one of the most amazing hotel set ups I’ve seen in a while – I love that it is so intimately connected with nature too. Thanks for the fab review!

  8. Traveling Rockhopper says:

    That’s a beautiful place! I was quite nearby, however in my case clouds weren’t so dramatic, but it was raining a little bit! 😀

  9. I love the Alila resorts, I stayed in one in Bali and this one is just as spectacular with all that gorgeous stonework and amazing views. I would love to stay there one of these days, looks magnificent

  10. I’ve never had Oman on my travel radar before. I guess I just never thought of it as a tourist destination, but you’ve shown me otherwise. This place looks incredible and very luxurious. I love it. Really going to have to consider going there now.

  11. Keri (Baby Globetrotters) says:

    I had no idea this place existed, how stunning! We are not far away in the UAE, this place will definitely need adding to our must do list its amazing

  12. Wow, it looks stunning! That pool especially, I would love to spend an afternoon there, relaxing, looking at that view while swimming.

  13. Spectacular! I’m actually surprised to see something like this in Oman – do they get enough tourists to be able to run a place like this?
    Looks beautiful.
    Frank (bbqboy)

    1. Hi Frank, don’t know about the year round, but when we were there it was a full house.It sure is a unique place, loved it that they respected nature and culture so much.

  14. Looks gorgeous! It somehow reminds me of various resorts I’ve visited in the Atacama desert in Chile, where they have luxury resorts like this too, perfectly blending in with nature. I truly hope to visit Oman one day, and even this resort, when we have won the lottery or so 😉

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