Going back to Egypt in 15 pictures

Egypt may not have been the most political stable destination lately, but there are still quit a few areas where it’s  perfectly save to travel.

True, maybe it is advisable not to travel on your own but to book a group travel, enjoy a luxury resort in the Red Sea-area to do some snorkeling and diving or to try a Nile cruise. And whatever holiday you choose: they will be happy to welcome you!

The past years we’ve visited Egypt a few times and apart from our snorkeling and diving adventures in the Red Sea it’s our cruise on the Nile that I enjoyed the most. We only had seven days off work and this short holiday was the perfect option to do both some relaxing and sightseeing within one week.

Here are some of our pictures, most of them taken at Karnak Temple. The pictures remind me how fascinating Egypt can be, despite of the political situation. Hope you like them!


Did you travel to Egypt recently? What’s your experience? Do you think it’s safe to travel to Egypt right now? Let us know!

  1. I visited Egypt for one day on a stopover. We saw the pyramids, a museum, and a few other small things. We also got to ride camels. Since I was very young I have always wanted to go to Egypt…the history, the Biblical stuff…..everything about it just seemed super cool. For me, it was great going because it had always been a dream of mine.

    However, I don’t think it’s necessarily the safest so we (my family and I) actually chose to not stay there other than that day.

    While we were there, a few of the Egyptian men trying to sell us all things were kind of flirting with me. And one of them even half-jokingly proposed to marry me…by saying “How many camels will you take for her?” to my Mom! Very interesting experience with the people there….But our tour guide (who was a woman) was very friendly and helpful, as well as super knowledgeable.

    I would love to go back if I have the chance. There is so much more I could see!

  2. Beatifull pictures! I would love to visit Egypt one day. I hear that diving in the red sea is one of the best destinations in the world.

  3. Rene Young - Together we roam says:

    Beautiful pics and takes me back. Ahhh to be young and dumb and floating on a feluca…. xo

  4. I’ve not been to Egypt before and have heard lots of stories from friends about the resorts etc but it’s nice to see in these photos how much more there is to it than just beaches and resorts – would love to see all the ancient Egyptian ruins etc!

    1. Yes, Egypt may not be the easiest country to travel (it can be a lot of hassle) but has a lot to offer. Tx for visiting!

  5. cvail says:

    Nina, I love your photos! I found Egypt one of the hardest places to take good shots…so I love yours!

  6. I would love to go to Egypt one day to see the pyramids and snorkeling in the Red Sea sounds like a cool experience too. Great photos of a lesser known temple. Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler this week!

  7. Hello! I am a twenty-something part-time traveler with my hubby (of 2 years), travel & life partner for (7!). We are based in the NE Kansas area and spend our limited vacation time & budget traveling around the US & Canada. We are excited to continue broadening our travel range & budget through the years and cannot wait to explore more of your blog for great ideas! What a fabulous site! Stop by and say hello, my blog is a lifestyle one but does include posts on all of our (relatively) frequent trips & inbetween inspiration! It is under a redesign, but you can find my travel posts under the ‘passport’ tab! Thank you for the inspiration! So excited to follow along! 🙂

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. Hi Alexandra, tx for stopping by and nice to meet you! Going to check out your blog, love it that it’s a lifestyleblog as well!

  8. I have yet to visit Egypt. Would love go diving in the Red Sea! Your photos are gorgeous. My favorite ones are the portrait photos you took (OK, and that stunning sunset on your first photo). So glad you’ve joined us for this week’s #SundayTraveler. Hope you both are doing great!

    1. Hi guys! My favorites are the portraits too! 🙂 We were ‘out’ for a while (work, being ill…the usual stuff :)), but now we’re back. Tx for the visit!

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