A posh beach picnic: culinary adventures and making new friends

Even when we’re not traveling we’re always looking for new and exciting experiences. So when we were asked to have a taste of what ‘Vrienden van de smaak‘ is all about, we didn’t have to think twice. Don’t really know how to translate ‘vrienden van de smaak’, I guess it would be something like ‘friends of the taste’, but anyway: this event is all about great foods and drinks, unique locations and making friends.

Just imagine: a beach at sunset, a mystic monastery, a romantic castle garden, deep mysterious caves or a blooming orchard. The beautiful setting is dominated by a long dinner-table. There’s a (famous) top-chef preparing the most gorgeous dishes, plenty of fine wines and strangers becoming new best friends.

The setting: the beach in De Panne
The setting: the beach in De Panne

The dinners take place during summer, and since the location is always on a special place with a different chef preparing the menu, every dinner is unique. This culinary event is the Belgian equivalent of ‘Outstanding in the Field‘ in the US and ‘Buitengewoon in het land‘ in Holland.

A new round of dinners has just started, and to give you an idea, here are some pictures from our experience of the event in De Panne, a small Belgian town by the sea. Our posh beach picnic came with a short guided tour through some of the historical areas of De Panne, a perfect start to a wonderful evening.

The setting was fantastic, the food great and the strangers became friends. A dinner to remember. (For the ‘Dutchies’: there’s a brand new cooking book ‘Met Vrienden van de Smaak aan tafel‘, filled with lovely pictures and adventurous recipes to try). 

Would you take part in a dinner like this? What’s the strangest/most unusual place you ever had dinner? Let us know!

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