Ghosts of a communist past: visiting Memento Park in Budapest- a photo gallery

Memento Park is an open air museum located 10 kilometers outside Budapest’s city centre. This theme park takes you back to the communist past, with a collection of statues and monuments that were removed from the streets of Budapest after the fall of the system. There are statues of Hungarian Communist leaders, Lenin, Marx and Engels and other ‘heroes’ of the Cold War.

The park museum is well worth a visits if you’re interested in history, it give you a unique glimpse of how life used to be behind the iron curtain. At the same time it’s an homage to democracy.



  1. I am Hungarian, but I still haven’t been to this park, although I think it was a great idea to put this statues in this park, instead of destroying them (which was the other alternative). I enjoyed this photo tour. By the way, isn’t the car a Trabant instead of a Lada?

    1. Hi Gabor, tx for the visit. Yes, it is a good idea to keep the statues and place them in a park, they are the silent witnesses a the past and help us to understand history. You might be right about the Trabant/Lada! I assumed it was a Lada but I’ll guess I’ll have to go back to check. šŸ™‚

    1. Hi, Jess, it’s a small park but certainly worth a visit if you’re interested in history. A great way to understand the past and present.

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