maho beach

Mind your head: this is one of the most scary airplane landings in the world!

Can’t visit the Caribbean island of Saint Martin without hopping over to Maho Beach. The beach itself isn’t that special but there’s a spectacular extra that will give you something more than the typical beach life of relaxing and chilling.

Maho Beach is famous for the airlines landing on the Princess Juliana International Airport, situated on the Dutch side of the island. It has an extremely short runway (only 2300 meters or 7,150 feet) so the aircrafts have to fly in really low, almost right above the heads of the sunbathing beach crowd.

Needles to say that this place is heaven for the plane spotter on vacation. There’s the popular Sunset Bar & Grill on the beach, mostly packed with tourist who want to see the show. If you are interested: the bar owners put up a board with timetables of airplanes coming and going. Enjoy!

maho beach
mao beach
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