The beautiful Liss Ard Estate is a hidden gem and a magical place to stay when visiting West Cork (Ireland).  Liss Ard Estate is situated just a few minutes from Skibbereen, right in the midst of the Irish countryside. The place goes back to the 1850; today the mansion is a place of enchantment and relaxation (and... Read More
Dante statue
The story of Romeo and Juliet may have been one of the main reasons why I wanted to go to Verona. But of-course this city has so much more to offer than just being a romantic location for a love story. Verona is located between Milan and Venice and is... Read More
Paris is always a good idea, and if you love exquisite food and gastronomy you even have an extra reason to start packing for a tasteful stay in the city of light. During our last visit to Paris we stumbled upon some fab gastronomic gems and it would be a shame not... Read More
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