Some people may say that there’s nothing to do in Dubai, apart from shopping. They’re wrong. Dubai focuses big time on tourism and is very much succeeding in being a first class tourist destination. So of course there is plenty to do in Dubai. Yes, it may all be artificial,... Read More
The beautiful Liss Ard Estate is a hidden gem and a magical place to stay when visiting West Cork (Ireland).  Liss Ard Estate is situated just a few minutes from Skibbereen, right in the midst of the Irish countryside. The place goes back to the 1850; today the mansion is a place of enchantment and relaxation (and... Read More
Whether you’re looking for a luxurious stay,  a budget holiday or an adventurous break, in all cases Morocco should be high on your bucket-list. Although it’s only a short fly away from Europe, you’ll find yourself in a totally different culture, a place where African beats and Arabian atmosphere come... Read More
Egypt may not have been the most political stable destination lately, but there are still quit a few areas where it’s  perfectly save to travel. True, maybe it is advisable not to travel on your own but to book a group travel, enjoy a luxury resort in the Red Sea-area... Read More
There are lots of things to do in The Gambia and visiting a school is just one of them. It’s great fun to interact with the schoolchildren and you’ll get to learn something about the school system in this small African country. Here’s what you should do: How to arrange... Read More
Dante statue
The story of Romeo and Juliet may have been one of the main reasons why I wanted to go to Verona. But of-course this city has so much more to offer than just being a romantic location for a love story. Verona is located between Milan and Venice and is... Read More