Whether you’re looking for a luxurious stay,  a budget holiday or an adventurous break, in all cases Morocco should be high on your bucket-list. Although it’s only a short fly away from Europe, you’ll find yourself in a totally different culture, a place where African beats and Arabian atmosphere come... Read More
It was kind of a tradition: every time we watched an episode of Fargo (the TV-series) we swore we would never ever go to Fargo. The freezing cold, the endless flat – and boring – landscapes, the snow, the strange accent people talk with, and let’s not forget: the presence of... Read More
West Cork
Nature had been generous to Ireland, and particularly in West Cork. The wild and unspoiled coastline, the beautiful beaches, mysterious woods and green valleys all look like they’re just made to leave you breathless. And extra bonus: the food is amazing. Think: discovering haute cuisine in a small restaurant in... Read More
Our first impressions of Istanbul? A melting pot of…everything. Istanbul is the only city in the world divided (or better: connected) by two continents (Europe and Asia), making it a unique spot where traditions mingle with modern trends and where the old blends in with the new. Istanbul is like... Read More
Some people may say that there’s nothing to do in Dubai, apart from shopping. They’re wrong. Dubai focuses big time on tourism and is very much succeeding in being a first class tourist destination. So of course there is plenty to do in Dubai. Yes, it may all be artificial,... Read More
Egypt may not have been the most political stable destination lately, but there are still quit a few areas where it’s  perfectly save to travel. True, maybe it is advisable not to travel on your own but to book a group travel, enjoy a luxury resort in the Red Sea-area... Read More