West Cork
Nature had been generous to Ireland, and particularly in West Cork. The wild and unspoiled coastline, the beautiful beaches, mysterious woods and green valleys all look like they’re just made to leave you breathless. And extra bonus: the food is amazing. Think: discovering haute cuisine in a small restaurant in... Read More
Sure, you primarily go to the French Tignes to enjoy a great skiing or snowboarding experience. But if for some reason you want something else apart from skiing, then ice diving is definitely a must do. Tignes is thé place to be for those who want to give ice diving... Read More
Our first impressions of Istanbul? A melting pot of…everything. Istanbul is the only city in the world divided (or better: connected) by two continents (Europe and Asia), making it a unique spot where traditions mingle with modern trends and where the old blends in with the new. Istanbul is like... Read More
Tips Venice @travelboulevard
Venice is one of those cities in the world you just have to visit. The city is world-famous, filled with history and  bursting with romance. No doubt its charm and elegance will leave you breathless. But: Venice can be tricky.  Here’s a survival guide for Venice virgins, with 5 things... Read More
It was kind of a tradition: every time we watched an episode of Fargo (the TV-series) we swore we would never ever go to Fargo. The freezing cold, the endless flat – and boring – landscapes, the snow, the strange accent people talk with, and let’s not forget: the presence of... Read More