Papagayo beach in Curaçao: one of our favourite hangouts on the island

There are a lot of beaches to choose from in Curaçao (Dutch Antilles) but one of my favorites laid back hangouts is the Papagayo Beach Club. Think: relaxing on a tropical and glamorous Caribbean, sipping a cocktail or two, soaking up the sun and cooling off in the water.

Although I’m a big fan of seclude Robinson Crusoe-like beaches I also like hanging out on an elegant, more glamorous beach.  When we stumbled upon Papagayo beach I was immediately  sold: it was the perfect place for some well needed lounging after a couple of busy day exploring Curaçao.

Papagayo Beach Club is situated on an artificial, man-made beach surrounded by private resorts and restaurants, and it can  boast with the biggest beach bar in Curacao. The place looks modern and classy, with luxurious sun bed all over the beach and a spectacular infinity pool (yes, on the beach, straight into the sea!).  It’s an elegant and glamorous place to see and be seen.

Most of all: the atmosphere is great. There’s a mixed audience but at night the place turns a bit into a hotspot for hipsters, when there’s music, more food and drinks and lots of friends to enjoy the sunset. There’s a BBQ on Tuesdays calles RED (with snapper, steak & lobster). Thursday is ‘Kushina Krioyo’ (local food) and every Friday its ‘Finally Friday’ with Happy Hour from 10 -11u. Saturday it’s time for  ‘Tapas & Cocktails’ and on Sundays you can enjoy the ‘Sparkling Wines & Sushi’ special. These are the weekly specials besides the regular menu.

There’s also the Papagayo Resort and a brand new Design Hotel to check out. We haven’t been there yet but it’s high on our to do-list.

Papagayo Beach Club is situated in Jan Thiel Bay, only 10 kilometers from Willemstad.

During our stay in Curaçao we only spent one day on Papagayo Beach, but during chilly winter days in Belgium this is the beach I long for.

These are our pictures:

Papagayobeach Curacao
The beach.
Papagayobeach Curacao
Wouldn’t you want to relax here?
Papagayobeach Curacao
The art of lounging.
Papagayobeach Curacao
Cool places to eat and drink.
Papagayobeach Curacao
No shortage of drinks.
Papagayobeach Curacao
Papagayobeach Curacao
View from the infinity pool.

So, what do you think? Your kind of place or not? Do you have a favorite beach? Let us know!


  1. That looks amazing… would love to visit a beach club like that. I just recieved your message on my faebook and I was wondering… are you guys from Belgium? And from wich part the Dutch part of the French

    1. Hi Wesley, yes, we are from Belgium. I’m from Bruges, Jempi’s originally from Antwerp. 🙂

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